The Monkey

Die vietnamesische Erasmusstudentin Linh Uyen Vuong hat im Rahmen des Wahlpflichtmoduls „Actioncams & Videocopter“ im Wintersemester 18/19 an der Fachhochschule Kiel den Kurzfilm „The Monkey“ umgesetzt.  Ihre Idee und die Filmproduktion beschreibt sie so:

A monkey is sleeping in the forest, then a hunter comes and hunts it. The message: The monkeys are endangered because of human hunting them and destroying/polluting their living-environment. At the beginning the hunter will throw his trash into the ground to show that human is polluting the environment. After eating he walks around, finds the monkey and tries to shoot it. He misses it, and the monkey starts running away. It hides somewhere and finds a banana, at the same time the man finds it. He shoots the monkey from behind and finally kills it. ( Maybe because that is a rare monkey.)

Actors and requisites

  • A person who plays the monkey will wear a monkey-pyjama.
  • A person who plays the hunter needs bow and arrow, and some food.

The cameras
The cameras which are used during the shoot:

  • Mavic
  • DSLR
  • Osmo
  • GoPro

Some problems during the projects

  • It is not easy to collect enough the requisites that I need, and it takes time to find a perfect location to film- some place that is close to a wild forest, no signs of human to be seen ( such as house, car, …)
  • Controlling a videocopter is difficult since if the copter flies too fast or too slow, the filmed person or the filmed object will appear at the edge of the frames.
  • When I edit a flim which I dont have a storyline before I shoot, there could be lack of footages.
  • If the scenes change continuously, it will be more entertaining.
  • The background music has a big effect so it needs to match the situation. It is also important to combine the different music parts together so that they sound smooth. This progress is not easy.
  • The colors of the leaves in the forest are different when they are shot with different cameras, So it is also difficult to combine them.

Something I learn while editing with Premiere Pro:

  • How to combine two cuts and run them parallel
  • How to edit the color of the footage.
  • How to design the introducing text at the end of the film.

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