Battle for Beauty

The short film’s idea revolves around a 1 vs. 1 game of Kubbs. The price for the winner is a beautiful girl. The girl is heavily interested in the players while the players are heavily focused on the intense game in front of them. After some time, the game’s climax hits and the final shot to win the game is being lined up and then… a ball comes out of nowhere and knocks the king over. A loose ball hits the king by accident. This means that the guy, who knocked over the king by accident, has now won the girl.

Expectations vs. reality:
Generally, all kinds of different clips from all kinds of different angles. It was a good learning experience to put our thoughts into action. More often than not, the clip we had imagined turned out completely different once shot with the camera. It was a practical and humbling experience to be able to see how difficult it can be to showcase your thoughts through a lens.

Problems, lesson learned:
Clips we could not use because of surrounding: At some point in all of the 4 cameras used have there been at least a couple of shots which we could not use. The shots themselves were fine, the camera settings were good… but what we failed to notice was that the “behind the scenes”-crew would show up in some of the frames. This gave us trouble in the editing phase since the story relied on a specific sequence of clips which were unusable.

From this experience, we have learned to be more detail oriented and consider the whole frame of the shot instead of getting narrow-sighted on specifics.When it comes to preparation: More is better: We found ourselves in lack of small and specific, yet significant clips when we edited the film. Though we prepared a bunch, we still experienced that we could have been even more thorough in some aspects.From this experience, we have learned that, even though it can be dull, it is always a good idea to look everything through more times than you think is necessary.

Actor instructions:
The instructions to the actors could have been sharper. From time to time, while editing, we found that we could have used a longer actor reaction than we got. Also, some reactions were a bit different than planned which made it seem off during editing which eventually made them worthless. From this experience, we have learned that we should focus try to communicate our vision more clearly so everyone involved are on the same page.

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